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Pueblo Human Relations Commission

NOW HIRING FOR THE POSITION OF ‘PHRC COORDINATOR’ This is a contract position and will serve the PHRC as a resource in their mission to provide advocacy for the greater Pueblo County community and ensure that administrative duties and communication provide a platform to fulfill their annual goals. The individual serving in this role will connect the PHRC and the community through event coordination and advocacy assistance. Click the red box to the right for the full job description and to complete the application process. 


The Pueblo Human Relations Commission (PHRC) was created by and Intergovernmental agreement between the City of Pueblo and Pueblo County. The purpose of which is to serve as an instrumentality through which the City and county of Pueblo may officially encourage and bring about mutual understanding and respect for all persons of any marginalized groups including but not limited to; age, race, creed, color, disability, gender, sexual orientation of national origin; throughout Pueblo County, and help give effect to equal rights for all persons as assured by the federal and state constitutions and laws.

The commission is led by 15 members, appointed by the County and City.

Functions of the Commission include:


The Pueblo Human Relations Commission provides a platform for Pueblo citizens to report incidents of hate and discrimination in the City and County of Pueblo as well as takes steps to recognize and honor everyone’s human rights.

Common Civil Rights Questions*

“In the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations, discrimination is the unfair treatment of an individual or group because of their protected class. Retaliation is also a prohibited discriminatory act, where adverse action is taken against an individual because of his or her participation in a protected activity (for example: speaking in opposition to a discriminatory act, filing a discrimination complaint, or participating in a discrimination investigation or lawsuit)”.

“Disability, Race, Color, National Origin, Ancestry, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Pregnancy (employment only), Creed, Religion (employment and housing only), Age (at least 40 years of age; employment only), Marriage to a Co-Worker (employment only), Marital Status (housing and public accommodations only), Familial Status (housing only), Source of Income (housing only) and Veterans/Military Status (housing only)”.

Read more about the important established filing deadlines when submitting a complaint.

*Colorado Civil Rights Division 

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